PEUGEOT celebrates 210 years of Daring, Passion and Innovation

PEUGEOT celebrates 210 years of daring, passion and innovation
Campagne 2.1.0 Let’s Go

PEUGEOT 210 years of history / Since 26 September 1810, the oldest surviving automotive brand in the world has been leading the way.

From the fashion revolution in the 19th century to the mobility revolution, with bicycles and cars, the PEUGEOT Brand has always shaken up the rules to redesign the standards of mobility.

In more than 2 centuries, the world has greatly changed.

Over the last ten years, our daily lives have undergone vast changes. Ever faster: not only digitalisation and super-connection of course, but also new ways of thinking, new consumption patterns and new mobility methods.

Throughout this whole time, PEUGEOT has stayed at the top whilst also changing a lot, opening up new ways to move towards more mobility services, to offer markets new successful vehicles… and, of course, to develop electric mobility.

It is to celebrate this anniversary and to honour this partnership of men and women that PEUGEOT has developed a programme of unique and festive events for 2 months:
  • A special logo dedicated to the 210th anniversary of the Lion Brand was created for this celebration,
  • From 24 August until the end of 2020: An international promotional campaign “2.1.0. Let’s Go”, with historic trade-in and financing offers for individual customers on new vehicles, will feature alongside the celebrations of PEUGEOT’s 210th anniversary.
  • In September and October, an editorial strategy dedicated to social media with the online release of 13 films recounting the Brand’s greatest moments: the PEUGEOT 205, Le Mans 1993, PEUGEOT at the WRC, the Employees, the PEUGEOT e-Legend Concept, Pikes Peak, the Charlatans at the Indy 500, the PEUGEOT 404, Armand PEUGEOT, the PEUGEOT Type 1, the PEUGEOT 401 Eclipse, the 6 COTY awards, the Dakar Rally,
  • During September, two exclusive digital events will be organised around the anniversary date:
  • On September 24th, a digital event reserved for the press in the morning and the dealer network in the afternoon,
  • On September 26th, the date of the 210th anniversary, a digital event aimed at social media will be broadcast on the brand’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin platforms and will be the perfect opportunity to reveal an exclusive film on the “heroes” who have made PEUGEOT’s history what it is today.
  • On 26 September, the brand New PEUGEOT 508 PEUGEOT Sport Engineered being chosen by the public as the most iconic vehicle of the last two centuries. At the end of this competition, a surprise will be revealed by Matthias HOSSANN the PEUGEOT Design Director.
  • From 1st September to 30th October, admission is 1€ for all visitors to the Musée de l’Aventure PEUGEOT in Sochaux.
  • Since mid-September, the collection of PEUGEOT lifestyle products dedicated to the brand’s 210th anniversary celebrations has been available on the online shop. This “Since 1810” collection is made for the fans and is stamped with the white logo on a black background. It is a timeless collection and includes kitchen objects, such as a pepper mill, as well as a clothing line and a miniature box containing two iconic PEUGEOT models. For dealers, “goodies” signed “210 years” and intended for their customers (key ring pin, canvas bag), proudly bear the black logo on a white background.
  • From 28th September 2020 on the PEUGEOT MOTOCYCLES Instagram account, the most iconic 2-wheeler among a selection of 12 historical or more recent models will be picked.

With the start of its motorbike activity in 1898, PEUGEOT MOTOCYCLES is the first motor-driven 2 and 3-wheeler brand still in operation.

Among the most noteworthy innovations to remember:
  • 1982: first scooter with plastic bodywork in Europe,
  • 1996: first series production electric scooter with Scoot’Elec,
  • 2003: first 125cc scooter equipped with ABS with Elystar 125.


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