Nissan and Fukui Prefecture, Japan signs “Disaster Cooperation Agreement” utilizing electric vehicles.

The content of this agreement is that Fukui Prefecture will work to solve regional issues and reduce environmental impact through the spread of electric vehicles (EVs), and when a large-scale power outage occurs due to a disaster, etc. 

Smooth operation of evacuation centers, etc. at designated evacuation centers, etc. by utilizing the Nissan Leaf Fukui Nissan Motor, an electric vehicle (EV) ” Nissan Leaf ” lent by Nissan Prince Fukui Sales, as a power source. We will do our best to ensure the safety of citizens of the prefecture.”

In Fukui Prefecture, we will promote regional revitalization efforts toward the formation of smart areas that utilize renewable energy and electric vehicles (EVs), while minimizing the damage of natural disasters and preserving the lives and assets of the citizens of the prefecture. In order to protect it, we are working on the realization of “Fukui Prefecture for advanced disaster prevention.” 

Most recently, a guideline for evacuation shelters prepared for the new coronavirus was prepared for municipalities to prevent the spread of infection in evacuation shelters, and emergency power sources were secured for important facilities in prefectures such as hospitals for 72 hours. We are promoting various efforts to improve the disaster prevention capabilities of the prefecture, including securing electricity for.

The conclusion of this agreement is a part of a series of disaster prevention measures, and is aimed at strengthening disaster prevention capabilities by taking advantage of the characteristics of electric vehicles (EV).

Nissan Motor announced Japan’s electrification action “Blue Switch” in May 2018 in order to solve the problems of Japan’s environmental load reduction, disaster countermeasures, etc. We are proactively working on social transformation through the spread of electric vehicles (EVs) in cooperation with local governments and companies.

The two companies agreed to both the “Blue Switch Activities” promoted by Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., and the disaster prevention measures promoted by Fukui Prefecture, and this time, we decided to conclude this agreement.

The outline of the “Disaster Cooperation Agreement” utilizing electric vehicles is as follows: –

  • When a power outage occurs in Fukui Prefecture due to a disaster, electric vehicles (EV) “Nissan Leaf” are installed at Fukui Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and Nissan Prince Fukui Sales Stores at prefectural facilities and designated evacuation centers in municipalities. Is loaned free of charge.
  • Fukui Prefecture, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Fukui Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., and Nissan Prince Fukui Co., Ltd. are supplying power from an electric vehicle (EV) with the cooperation of sales so that we can establish a system that can continue to supply power even in the event of a disaster, so that evacuation centers can operate smoothly. And manage the life and physical safety of citizens of the prefecture.
  • Fukui Prefecture and Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Fukui Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., and Nissan Prince Fukui Sales Co., Ltd. will promote the spread of electric vehicles (EV) even in normal times, and by supplying electric power (EV) to be used at prefecture events, We aim to raise awareness of disaster prevention and environmental awareness by actively promoting the use of “electric vehicles as “running storage batteries”” to the citizens of the prefecture.

In Fukui Prefecture, we have already introduced three electric vehicles (EVs), the Nissan Leaf, as public vehicles, and we will proceed with the introduction of portable power feeders. 

With the aim of further promoting the spread of EVs, we will strive to improve the disaster prevention capabilities of the prefecture while utilizing electric vehicles (EVs).

With the vision of enriching people’s lives, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. promotes “Nissan Intelligent Mobility” to deliver unique cars and innovative cars and services, as well as “zero emission (zero emission )” and “Zero Fatality (No fatalities or serious injuries due to traffic accidents)”. 

In addition to promoting the “Blue Switch”, in addition to selling electric cars (EVs), the new lifestyles created by EVs will be realized in order to realize the prosperous lives that EVs bring and the social changes EVs can make. We aim to contribute to the creation of a better society by continuing to disseminate value to the world.

This “Disaster Cooperation Agreement” is also based on the activities of Nissan’s Blue Switch, and this is the 40th disaster cooperation agreement with local governments and companies that Nissan Motor has concluded.

With the conclusion of this agreement, Fukui Prefecture and Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. will continue to strengthen disaster prevention measures and promote disaster-resistant city development using electric vehicles (EV). 

Then, we will further strengthen cooperation in order to solve various regional issues such as environment, energy management, global warming countermeasures, tourism, and depopulation through the spread of electric vehicles (EV).