Hyundai Motors unveils ‘All New Avante’

Hyundai Motors unveils ‘All New Avante’ for the first time in the world

Hyundai Motors unveils 'All New Avante'
Hyundai Motors unveils ‘All New Avante’

Hyundai Motors held a world premiere event to showcase ‘All New Avante’ for the first time in the world in Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA on the 18th (Korea time), and released the main specifications prior to the domestic launch next month .

The World Premier Event was broadcasted to major regions around the world, including Korea, North America, China, and Australia, in a live streaming format with no spectators because of the Covid-19 pandemic issue.

“After its launch in 1990, Avante (local name Elantra) has been an important model for Hyundai’s global success beyond the United States , especially this time. The 7th generation All New Avante will be transformed into a progressive and dynamic model in all respects.” – Jose Munoz, Hyundai Motor’s Global Chief Operating Officer and Head of North America’s Regional Headquarters (President)

‘All New Avante’ (local name ‘All New Elantra’) is on sale in the US this fall.

The best-selling car Avante, which has continued to be popular for over 30 years from the first generation,  *Fully designed with the future  *Sturdy basic machine made with the new 3rd generation platform *High- end convenience specifications that surpass the vehicle class *Efficient and dynamic driving performance Reborn as a perfectly harmonized 7th generation model, ‘All New Avante’.

Hyundai Motors unveils 'All New Avante'
Hyundai Motors unveils ‘All New Avante’
Hyundai Motors unveils 'All New Avante'
Hyundai Motors unveils ‘All New Avante’
Hyundai Motors unveils 'All New Avante'
Hyundai Motors unveils ‘All New Avante’
Hyundai Motors unveils 'All New Avante'
Hyundai Motors unveils ‘All New Avante’
Hyundai Motors unveils 'All New Avante'
Hyundai Motors unveils ‘All New Avante’

■ 3rd generation new platform application, advanced safety specifications, new safety

‘All New Avante’, which is about to be released in Korea next month, has a total of two engine lines:  *Smart Stream Gasoline 1.6 MPi (maximum output 123ps, maximum torque 15.7 kgf · m)  *1.6 LPi (maximum output 120ps, maximum torque 15.5 kgf · m) . It is characterized by the first application of a new 3rd generation platform.
※ 1.6 Hybrid Model / 1.6 TN Line Coming Soon

‘All-New Avante’ is the first to be applied to the new 3rd generation integrated platform with overall improvement in collision safety, ride comfort, noise vibration, power, and fuel economy. Lower overall height and seat position suitable for sporty design, Class-leading wheelbase, Improved leg room, head room, and shoulder room show excellent space.

The new 3rd generation integrated platform with improved frontal collision performance helped to implement a bold and innovative design, and enhanced the basic performance of the suspension to improve steering and responsiveness.

It will also be developed as an integrated platform for internal combustion engines, hybrids, and electric vehicles, and will be applied to global semi-mid-size passenger cars in the future.

High-rigidity lightweight body and cutting-edge safety specifications were applied to ‘All New Avante’.

Hyundai Motors provides all trims of ‘All New Avante’ front collision prevention assistance (vehicle / pedestrian / bicycle / intersection) (FCA, Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist), (LFA, Lane Following Assist), lane departure Lane Keeping Assist (LKA), Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Driver Attention Warning (DAW) and High Beam Assist (HBA) was applied as standard.

The front anti-collision assistance (vehicle / pedestrian / bicycle / intersection car) applied for the first time in a domestic mid-sized sedan has a risk of collision with vehicles approaching from the opposite side when turning left at an intersection, and when there is a danger of collision with vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles, etc. Automatically brakes when detected.

The lane maintenance assist (LFA) helps the vehicle not to get out of the center of the lane by recognizing the front lane through the camera mounted on the top of the windshield and automatically controlling the vehicle’s steering wheel.

In addition, customers of ‘All New Avante’ Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist (BCA), Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control (NSCC ), High-speed driving assistance (HDA, Highway Driving) Assist),  Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist (RCCA) and Parking Collision-Avoidance Assist (PCA) can be selected and applied.

Hyundai Motors ‘all-new Avante’ in when the car lateral vehicle collision risk is detected after the city changed after helping the warning and vehicle control prevents lateral collision auxiliary (BCA), when reverse parking / chulcha rear obstacles to help recognize and braking; It is equipped with rear parking collision prevention assistance (PCA) to maximize safety convenience.

The Highway Driving Assist (HDA) maintains the distance from the vehicle in front of the vehicle when driving on a highway / automobile road, and helps the driver maintain the center of the lane even on a curved road at a speed set by the driver.

■ Panoramic display, smarter ‘All New Avante’ with voice recognition vehicle control

In the ‘All New Avante’, various cutting-edge specifications for customers with young emotions were applied. In particular, the ‘Panorama Display’, in which the 10.25 inch cluster and 10.25 inch navigation are integrated, provides a highly immersive feeling with driver-oriented ergonomic structure and various infotainment specifications.

‘Personalized Profile’ that allows you to set the seat position, navigation, sound, Bluetooth, radio, etc. for each driver. ‘Voice recognition vehicle’ that can operate the air conditioning by voice, such as “Turn on air conditioner” and “Turn on the heated seat” while watching the front Control. The’ KATOO Home ‘function, which can check the status of home IoT devices in the vehicle and control motion, was applied for the first time in a domestic semi-midsize sedan.

In particular, through collaboration with Kakao, news briefing, weather, sports events, movie / TV, stocks, facility search, as well as air conditioning, rear windshield, steering wheel, and seat heating can be conveniently controlled based on natural language .

In addition, through Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, it is possible to enter and start the vehicle with a smartphone application without a key (smart key). 

With the ‘Modern Digital Key’, customers can share their vehicle with others, such as family and acquaintances, or use the vehicle easily in the absence of a key.

The ‘All New Avante’ is also an advantage in the infotainment specification, which is meticulous for drivers and passengers.

‘Last destination guide’ where you can be guided by AR from the smartphone app after parking near the destination. ‘Share my car location’ that automatically shares the vehicle’s location when moving to a registered destination such as a house or company. 

In addition, ‘Navigation Wireless Update (OTA, Over-the-Air)’, where software updates can be downloaded and installed wirelessly, ‘Ballet Mode’ that protects personal information during proxy parking and allows you to understand the vehicle’s travel time and current location. It is equipped with an air cleaning system (including a fine dust sensor) that measures indoor fine dust with a dust sensor and automatically performs indoor air cleaning with a micro air filter when it is in a bad level to increase convenience.

■ Crystal of ‘parametric dynamics’ with lower overall height and wider indoor space

Hyundai Motor’s design identity ‘Sensuous Sportiness’, ‘All New Avante’, is further emphasized by applying the theme of ‘Parametric Dynamics’, which is characterized by future-oriented and innovative design.

In particular, the exterior of the model has a three-dimensional shape, such as a delicately carved gem, and an interior designed with a driver-centered structure, reinterpreting Avante’s unique bold and sporty character that has been passed down from the first generation model .

Hyundai’s parametric jewel pattern grille, headlamps, and tough bumpers harmonize to create a future-oriented and sporty front with a wide and low ratio. In particular, the geometrical ‘parametric jewel pattern grill’ that can be seen in gemstones or minerals has a three-dimensional and intense design that changes color by reflecting light depending on the viewing angle.

In addition, the intense character line that penetrates the entire vehicle is divided into three sides to realize different colors. In addition, the front part is low and the wedge-style design that increases toward the rear part completes the side part full of tension and speed.

The rear part is characterized by the ‘H-tail lamp’, which embodies the modern H logo, adding an intense yet luxurious sensibility. The sharp spoiler-shaped trunk and wide integrated taillamps are combined to emphasize the sporty rear.

‘All New Avante’ features a driving experience that adds immersion through an interior design designed to surround the driver like the cockpit of an airplane.

The driver-centered structure, which connects from the door to the console, is low and wide, and wraps around the driver to create a sporty interior space like a sports car. A 10.25 inch full digital cluster and a 10.25 inch navigation connected panoramic display.

A driving mode interlocking ambient mood lamp that can be changed according to the driving mode and customized color is applied to maximize user convenience. 

In addition, the ‘All New Avante’ has an innovative sporty design with a total length of 4,650mm (+ 30mm compared to the previous one), a width of 1,825mm (+ 25mm compared to the previous one), and a height of 1,420mm (-20mm compared to the previous one), and the wheel base is 2,720 mm (+ 20mm compared to the previous) secured the best indoor space in its class.

On the other hand, including two new colors such as Amazon Gray, Cyber ​​Gray, Phantom Black, Polar White, Fluid Metal, Electric Shadow, Fiery Red, Lava Orange, Intense Blue, etc. Two kinds of gray interior colors are available.


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