Kia Motors launches 4th generation Sorento
Kia Motors launches 4th generation Sorento

Kia Motors launches 4th generation Sorento

Kia Motors launches 4th generation Sorento
Kia Motors launches 4th generation Sorento

The fourth-generation Sorento was officially launched with innovative product characteristics that are different from the existing mid-size SUV. Kia Motors held an online launching talk show on Tuesday (17th) and began selling the new Sorento.

The fourth-generation Sorento is a new model released six years after the third-generation launch in 2014.It has been completely developed through innovative design that combines strength and sophistication, large SUV-level space utilization, strong driving performance, and advanced safety and convenience specifications. It is new.

Kia Motors launched the new Sorento online through its talk show “Sorrento Talk Talk ” through Naver Motors (PC / Mobile), Kia Motors Channel (Youtube, Facebook), etc. So that customers can directly check the excellent merchandise of the new Sorrento newly reborn as a ‘Jundae SUV’.

■ Innovative design that combines strength and sophistication out of typicality

The fourth-generation Sorento successfully inherited the unique robust design heritage and SUV usability of previous models. At the same time, it is a revolutionary design that combines sophisticated and delicate images, completely breaking the typical SUV design.

The exterior design was completed with the concept of ‘Refined Boldness’. The front part has a strong and wide impression through ‘ Tiger Nose’, which adds boldness by connecting a radiator grill and an LED headlamp .

The rear part is decorated with a solid figure with charisma through the contrast of vertical type vertical LED rear combination lamp , horizontal type lettering type emblem, and wide bumper garnish .

Kia Motors launches 4th generation Sorento
Kia Motors launches 4th generation Sorento
Kia Motors launches 4th generation Sorento
Kia Motors launches 4th generation Sorento
Kia Motors launches 4th generation Sorento
Kia Motors launches 4th generation Sorento
Kia Motors launches 4th generation Sorento
Kia Motors launches 4th generation Sorento

The interior is designed with the concept of ‘Functional Emotions’. The large screen display and dial-type electronic transmission (SBW), such as a 12.3-inch cluster (system-based) and a 10.25-inch UVO (reservation) navigation , provide high intuition suitable for SUVs.

‘ Crystal line mood lighting ‘ decorating the interior space with mysterious lighting , quilted nappa leather seats, and interior materials with tactile and visual sense of luxury have realized a sophisticated sensibility different from the existing medium-sized SUV.

■ Large SUV level indoor space… Strong driving performance and advanced new specifications

The fourth-generation Sorento completed the competitive interior space and greatly enhanced the space utilization compared to the mid-sized SUV as well as the large-sized SUV of the upper class through optimal layout design based on the new platform .

The wheelbase has been increased by 35mm, and the second row knee space and loading space have also increased. In particular, the two-row independent seat, which was applied only to large SUVs, was applied to enhance the comfort and convenience of occupants in the second row . (※ 2 rows of independent seats applied: 6-seater model).

Kia Motors launches 4th generation Sorento
Kia Motors launches 4th generation Sorento

Sorrento new diesel model, which have met the enhanced emission standards “smart stream D2.2” engine, high speed responsiveness and a wet DCT with soft byeonsokgam (double-clutch transmission) Smart Stream wet 8DCT applying the “first HMG It has realized strong driving performance and high fuel efficiency.

It has a maximum output of 202PS (horsepower), a maximum torque of 45.0kgf · m, and fuel consumption efficiency (fuel efficiency) of 14.3km / ℓ (based on 5-seater, 18-inch wheels, 2WD combined fuel efficiency).

Hybrid model is the maximum output power of 180PS, the maximum torque of 27.0kgf · m, the smart stream turbo hybrid engine, the maximum output power of 44.2kW, the maximum torque of 264Nm, the driving motor, and the six-speed automatic transmission system maximum power output of 230PS, the maximum system torque of 35.7kgf · Exert the power of m.

In addition, Kia Motors plans to further strengthen its domestic market by adding a new Sorento gasoline turbo model equipped with a SmartStream G2.5 T engine and SmartStream wet 8DCT in the third quarter of this year .

The new Sorento has applied differentiated advanced safety and convenience specifications. ‘ Multi-collision prevention automatic braking system (MCB) ‘ is the first safety specification applied by the Hyundai Motor Group.When an accident occurs while driving a vehicle, if the driver temporarily fails to control the vehicle after the first collision, the vehicle is automatically braked and secondary. It is a technology that prevents accidents.

Kia PAY, the first Kia Motors to be applied to the new Sorento, is a function that allows users to easily pay through the navigation screen when paying at an affiliated gas station or parking lot.

Another convenient feature is the ‘ Remote 360 ​​° view (video around my car) ‘, which allows you to check the surroundings of the vehicle with a smartphone in conjunction with the Surround View Monitor (SVM) .

■ ‘Let’s meet 4th generation Sorento specially’… Online launch talk show, bizarre test drive program, augmented reality app

Kia Motors conducts various marketing activities so that customers can directly check the superiority of the fourth-generation Sorento.

First, the online launching talk show consisted of various contents that customers could enjoy together.

Kia Motors representatives (design, product, marketing), MC and panel (broadcaster Kim Jae-woo, announcer Gong Seo-young, Kookmin University auto transport design department professor Kwon Yong-joo, car racer Kang Byeong-hui) appeared in-depth about the innovative productiveness of 4th-generation Sorento. A test video of Kang Byung-hui’s car racer was also be aired. In addition, a Naver search certification event was held to provide generous prizes to customers.

Kia Motors also introduced an advertising campaign called ‘After 6 Life’, which connects the 4th generation Sorento with the 52-hour era. ▲ ‘1 day 1 challenge’ in search of new challenges ▲ ‘Second day’ featuring Hobby-Preneur, who has a hobby as another job ▲ The appearance of a dad experiencing a new world with his child Dam is a brand that proposes a new lifestyle through a total of 3 advertisements, such as the ‘Ding-Ding’, and shows the appearance of the new Sorento.

Kia Motors also operates a differentiated test drive program. Unlike the existing test program, the ‘After 6 Pass Test Drive’, which is recruited from the 17th (Tue), is characterized by being able to enjoy a variety of different activities while enjoying a test ride after work .

The test drive will be provided with an activity coupon that can be used on the activity platform ‘Frip’ along with a 4th generation Sorrento test pass.

Kia Motors also introduces the ‘Kia Play AR’ smartphone app that utilizes augmented reality (AR) technology so that customers can experience the fourth-generation Sorento without visiting the exhibition hall.

With this app, you can check out Sorrento’s interior and exterior design and key features anywhere, anytime. It can be downloaded from the Kia Motors website ( ) and the Kia Motors integrated mobile customer app ‘KIA VIK’ .

In addition, Kia Motors is offering the discount of some amount to customers using Kia Pay for the next three months in commemoration of the launch of the Kia Pay service, which is the first to be applied to the 4th generation Sorento.

In addition, SK Energy’s gas gift vouchers, iPark parking discount vouchers, and gas billing discounts will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis to customers who have paid more than a certain amount. For more information, please visit Kia Motors’ website ( ).

The fourth-generation Sorento has received a lot of attention from customers from before the launch, with the achievement of 26,368 pre-contracts for 18 business days from February 20 to the 16 of March 2020. Compared to Sorento’s average monthly sales last year (4,360 units), sales for about six months have been contracted. The new Sorento Diesel single model alone has resulted in 1,3,491 pre-contracts.

It is analyzed that the high-construction design of the 4th generation Sorento and the excellent merchandise that transformed the new Sorento into a ‘semi-large SUV’ met the expectations of customers, and pre-contracts were concentrated.

In particular, it was found that the Millennium Daddy, a major target customer group in their 30s and 40s, was highly responsive.

Among the 4th generation Sorento’s pre-contract customers, the ratio of those in their 30s and 40s was 58.6% (27.9% in their 30s and 30.8% in their 40s), which was significantly higher than last year’s Sorento’s 30 ~ 40s customer ratio was about 47%.

Based on the new platform , it is analyzed that the spacious interior space, strong driving performance, and excellent safety meet the needs of Millennial Daddy who wants a ‘family SUV’.

By trim, the pre-contract ratio of the highest signature (47.2%) and the next highest trim Noblesse (34.2%) was high.

The signature trim is basically applied to major new and advanced design elements such as Kia Pay, remote 360 ​​° view, quilted nappa leather seat , and the noblesse trim is a 12.3 inch cluster, surround view monitor (SVM), and dial-type electronic transmission (SBW). Main preferences of customers, etc., were standard.

By specification, 10.25 inch UVO navigation with Kia Pay, ‘DRIVE WISE’ including advanced driving technology, and ‘Kia Digital Key’ that can control the door and start of the vehicle using a smartphone app are included.

‘Smart Connect’, 6-seater with 2 rows of independent seats, etc., received many choices from consumers.

 “fourth-generation Sorento is beyond the class implements an even superior marketability large SUV, as well as compared to the three,” he said “innovative design, superior spatiality, powerful driving performance, advanced is a new Sorento birth to new specifications of the customers “We look forward to establishing itself as a ‘New Life Platform’ for a new life.” – Kia Motors