Misato-cho and Nissan conclude a comprehensive partnership agreement utilizing electric vehicles

Misato Town and Nissan Motor Conclude "Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement Utilizing Electric Vehicles"
Misato Town and Nissan Motor Conclude “Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement Utilizing Electric Vehicles”

Nissan Motor has concluded a disaster cooperation agreement with 19 local governments and companies, including this agreement, and this is the first comprehensive cooperation agreement in the Kansai region.

The purpose of this agreement is to reduce greenhouse gases through the promotion of electric vehicles, strengthen disaster prevention measures, and address regional issues.

Nissan Motor announced the Japan Electric Action “Blue Switch” in May 2018 to realize a zero-emission society and solve Japan’s issues such as reducing environmental impact and disaster countermeasures. 

As a leader in such activities, we are working with local governments and companies nationwide to actively transform society through the spread of electric vehicles (EVs).

Misato-cho was recognized by the Cabinet Office as a municipality proposing outstanding initiatives for the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), and was selected as the “SDGs Future City” on July 1, 1980. 

With the aim of realizing a resilient smart city SANGO for both people and towns, we are actively working to reduce environmental impact, strengthen disaster countermeasures, and solve regional issues. 

As part of this initiative, the introduction of the Nissan Leaf electric vehicle (EV) in a shared taxi system with reservations and the installation of solar and storage batteries in evacuation centers have been promoted to promote a decarbonized society and disaster-resistant town development.

Both sides agreed on the “Blue Switch Activities” promoted by Nissan Motor and the activities for the realization of “Smart City SANGO” in Misato-cho.

[Outline of the agreement]

  1. Environmental measures: Reduction of environmental load by promoting the spread of electric vehicles (EV) Misato Town and Nissan Motor will actively promote the reduction of the environmental load of electric vehicles (EV) and the use of electric power in times of disaster to townspeople, Strive for promotion. It will also promote the introduction of electric vehicles (EVs) for shared taxi vehicles that Misato-cho will implement.
  2. Disaster prevention / disaster measures: Ensuring the safety of townspeople by using electric vehicles (EVs) in the event of a disaster. When requested by the government, the company will lend the Nissan LEAF, an electric vehicle (EV) installed at Nara Nissan Motor’s stores, free of charge to evacuation centers designated by Misato Town. It is assumed that power will be supplied to evacuation shelters in areas where power recovery is expected to be slow. Misato Town, Nissan Motor, and Nara Nissan Motor cooperate to supply power from electric vehicles (EVs), thereby establishing a system that can continuously supply power even in the event of a disaster, and aiming for smooth operation of evacuation centers. Protect the lives and physical safety of townspeople.
  3. Safety measures:
    Publicity activities on the need for safety measures for elderly drivers to reduce traffic accidents, and promotion of awareness-raising activities for advanced safety technologies to reduce traffic accidents.
  4. Measures for the vulnerable to traffic: Consideration of measures for vulnerable people such as the elderly Consider various mobility solutions for vulnerable people.
  5. Regional revitalization measures: Electric vehicle (EV) -related event cooperation
    Misato Town and Nissan Motor will use the electric vehicle as a “moving storage battery” by supplying electric power used for town events from the electric vehicle (EV). To the townspeople and aim to raise environmental awareness. In addition, we will hold exhibitions to promote the spread of electric vehicles (EVs) by holding events during normal times, and publicize power supply using electric vehicles (EVs). In addition, we will consider jointly conducting environmental awareness activities through Nissan’s environmental education program “Waku Waku Eco School”.

Misato Town is actively working to improve the environment and disaster prevention system. This year, it has introduced the Nissan Leaf and V2H in the taxi business with a reservation system. 

We are continuing to consider systematic introduction of EVs, and plan to introduce one power mover (portable power feeder) next year. Furthermore, from April 1980, the V2H subsidy program for EVs and the cooperative registration system for disasters will be implemented.

Based on the vision of enriching people’s lives, Nissan Motor promotes “Nissan Intelligent Mobility” to deliver unique and innovative vehicles and services, as well as “zero emissions”. ) And “Zero Fatality ”(zero deaths and serious injuries due to traffic accidents). 

In addition to promoting the “Blue Switch”, EVs will not only sell cars such as electric vehicles (EVs), but also create new lifestyles created by EVs to realize the affluent lifestyle brought by EVs and social change that EVs can make. We aim to contribute to the creation of a better society by continuing to transmit valuable value to the world.


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